Law Enforcement
Used Firearms

Springfield M1A Socom-16 AA9626            308 Carbon Barrel, Black Syn Stock.                 $1712.99

Springfield AA9122 Scout Squad          308 Blue Barrel, Walnut Stock  $1717.99    

Springfield M1A MA9222 Loaded         308 Nat'l Match Carbon Barrel, Walnut  Stock  $1698.99

Springfield M1A MA9226 Loaded       308 Nat'l Match Carbon Barrel, Black Syn Stock $1597.99

Springfield M1A MA9106 Standard        
308 Carbon Barrel Black Syn Stock

Springfield M1A MA9102 Standard       308 Carbon Barrel, Walnut Stock   $1546.99

Colt Defense LE6940
5.56mm, Monolithic upper & full rail system, collapsible stock, bayonet lug, flip-up front/rear sights.  $1299.00     

Colt Defense LE6920
Tactical Carbine M4, A3, 5.56mm, 16" barrel,6 Position Stock, Flip-up Rear Sight  $989.99

90289 Patrolman Carbine features a heavy bbl, bayonet lug, birdcage flash suppressor, telescoping stock.  6.93 lbs. Special $759.99

Bushmaster 91048 OPTIC-READY FLAT-TOP,16” M4 heavy bbl, bayonet lug, flash suppressor, and telescoping stock. $577.99

S&W-11513 MP15MOE FDE 
5.56mm, Magpul telescopic stock & Furniture, 16" barrel, Flip-up rear sight, flash hider, dark earth.  $995.99

S&W-10305 MP15MOE  
5.56mm, Magpul telescopic stock & Furniture, 16"barrell, Flip-up rear sight, 6.5lbs, flash hider, black finish  $678.99

S&W-11511 M&P15  
5.56mm, telescopic stocks, 16" barrel, flash hider and Detachable Handle 1-30 $1030.99

S&W-11535 M&P15T
5.56mm, 6-position stock, 16" barrel, Free Float Quad rail, flash hider, Flip-up front/rear sights & 1-30 rnd mag.  $998.99

RI-2397-X Century Int'l AK63DS
1-30Rd mags, slant flash suppressor, flip up sight for grenade launcher attachment.   $658.00

RI2087-N Century Int'l Serbia-Zastava
AK-47 7.62X39, 2-30Rd mags, N-PAP, slant flash suppressor, Wood Stock and All New Condition.    $724.99

RI2109-X Century Int'l
M64 Rifle 7.62x39, 23.25"barrel, Fixed Laminated Stock, Bipod and 1-30 rnd mag.